Monday, January 9, 2012

Climate Change

I think that the earth has always been changing. When human being did not exist many millions of year ago, it had been changing. We will not argue that the disappearance of dinosaurs is due to human activities, yet they are extinct. Therefore, I think that our species is not to blame because it is itself victim of a cosmic system and change that even existed before him. Perhaps the extension of species living on earth is a phenomenon that cannot be reversed.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


We also learn through trial and errors. So try to explain What you don't know. If you can't explain, try to teach how to explain. If you can't teach, try teach how to teach it. we only exploit 1/10 of our grain capacity. :)

Monday, December 26, 2011


Like yourself guys! Everyone should learn how to make peace with themselves and be tolerant with themselves. If you don't like yourself, how would the other people love you! Maybe you don't know but you are unique, you are the most beautiful creature in the world. :)


At the beginning of the semester I was so worried about my studies that I would withdraw in a corner of my room every day in order to study all day long. I soon noticed that I did not have any connection whit any social group. This situation of withdrawal for the intense studies, instead of being helpful to me, worsened my situation to the extent that I reached the edge of stress. Being conscious of this, I started doing sports. I joined the international students’ soccer team. Now we play soccer every Sunday and this is helpful to me. I started having fun, socializing with other students from different origins, and helping my entire body gain strength. I learned how to understand and communicate with the members of the team, how to share their feelings and improve my skills in soccer on the basis of theirs. I learned how to be a "good winner" as well as being a "good loser" while enjoying soccer for its own sake, with proper consideration for fairness, ethics, respects and a sense of fellowship with my competitors.
         This team taught me something important for my teaching class. In class we always give a ball or receive it when we ask a question or answer to one. Doing sport also helps me start every week with confidence, strength and lot of energy. Learning how to organize the game, helps me in the organization of my classroom  keeping in mind that the class setting is like a team where every student should accounts if the class really wants to be effective. Knowledge is like a ball which should be shared through communication and fairplay like in soccer and not kept egoistically . In addition, learning how to interact with players from diverse social origins in the international students’ soccer team constitutes an advantage for me when dealing with a class made of students from divers social backgrounds. Indeed, that was how being a member of that international students’ soccer team helped me develop ways to “recharge my battery”, practice democratic principles, become active in my community and taught me some teaching skills.


                                             HOOPS DREAMS
         This documentary, “Hoop Dreamsis about the life of two young men, William Gates and Arthur Agee. It talks about their passions and dreams on basketball, from their freshman year of high school to their first year of college. They both begin participating in playground games and end up being recruited by colleges. These two ambitious young boys face obstacles which are not limited to family problems like paternal drug addiction and parents' poverty. Other obstacles are physical injuries during competitions. They are tough and struggle to make their way through success, trying to make their dreams come true. However, neither one nor the other advanced academically, and both of them suffer from their failure. The documentary reveals something interesting about dreams, hope and creed. In life, we sometimes have an illusion of success but not all the dreams can be fulfilled. Neither can any dreamer be a good architect of dreams. Carrying dreams, hopes and Ideals into reality demands a price which is sometimes beyond our expectancy.
          When I watched the documentary I thought twice about myself and my dream to become one of the best teachers in the world. When I was a little boy, my dream was to become a constable in Burkina Faso. I did everything but I could not fulfill this dream. Even though I had the intellectual potentials for this job, I did not have the physical requirement. In fact, I never got the height required for this profession. Therefore, I changed my dream into becoming a teacher. Anyways, constables are taught by teachers and this a satisfaction for me at least. Unfortunately, the two boys in Hoop Dreams refused to change their dream. They were not flexible and worst, it is late that they realized that they only had an illusion. Besides, I think parents and teachers should sometimes tell children the plain truth. When doing so, it will be like the doctor's needle into a sick person's flesh. It hurts and it is very painful but this is necessary to save his life. Yet, despite all the obstacles, nobody advised these kids that they should have another alternative than becoming the best basketball player. Nobody, even Coach Pingatore, told While William to consider doing something else. They let these kids in their sweet dreams, being afraid of shocking them when trying to wake them up or get them “step down from their golden sky”. For St. Joseph High School, this is understandable because While William's attendance is not free. However, William's family could have helped him, telling him to come to reason and make a success of is life in doing something else.
  There is a lesson from this documentary that can be helpful to students teachers. In fact, those who want to become teachers should realize that not all the people who dream of becoming teachers can fulfill their dreams. They should see if the moral, physical, intellectual and even social condition required for the fulfillment of their dreams are met. Otherwise, they should consider doing something else where they can have a tangible success.